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“We will rebuild it!”
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Gildaumier the Mad One
Race Gender
Path - Job
Essential Form ID
Location Castle Ad'Balor
EN-NPCs-Gildaumier the Mad One.jpg
Level Health
Magicka Stamina

Gildaumier is a powerful undead mage haunting the deepest depths of a magnificent castle.

Items Dropped

  • Adept Book Entropy
  • Cold Glance of the Ratcatchers (Set Item)
  • Ectoplasm
  • Endralean Penny Coins 4x
  • Fine Leather Boots
  • Nimbus of the Mysterious Nomad (Set Item)
  • Petty Soul Gem (Filled)
  • Robe of the Inner Flame
  • Spellbook:Magelight (Rank II)
  • Staff of Fire Wrath