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Freda Goldhoof
Gnarldalf has to die
Quest Giver: Freda Goldhoof
Location(s): Outside of Ark's West Gate
Rewards: Whirlwind (a rideable donkey)
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Easy


  • Wait till midnight and look for the troll "Gnarldalf" in the King's Bay
  • Talk with Yrinto Sha'Amgash
  • Report "Gnarldalf"'s death to Freda

Journal Entries

I met Freda Goldhoof in front of Ark's gates - she offered me to give her best donkey to me free of charge if I help her to find the troll "Gnarldalf" which threatens her animals and herself. She told me that I should search near the gate around midnight.
After slaying the troll
I managed to find the troll Gnarldalf and to kill it. Freda should be very happy to hear that.



The Troll Hunt

You meet Freda Goldhoof in front of Ark's gates. She offers you to give her best donkey free of charge if you help her find the troll "Gnarldalf" which threatens her animals and herself. She tells you that you should search the gate around midnight.

Wait till midnight and find your way onto the beach below. At first the source of nightly grunts appears to be a praying Qyranian man - Yrinto Sha'Amgash. However, Gnarldalf (who is in fact a troll) shows up during your conversation with Yrinto and starts attacking both of you.

The reward

After you've slain the troll come back to Freda to claim your reward - a mighty steed called Whirlwind.


  • In your Inventory, under "Food" category, you will have a item called "Horse Flute". You can use this to summon your horse (in external cells)
  • You can rename Whirlwind to whatever you like. However, Freda doesn't know you renamed him and will ask you how Whirlwind is doing when you walk up to her or past her.