Enderal:Golden Ford Inventory Ledger

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  • Castle Golden Ford
Inventory ledger

(With only a few looks you can swiftly identify a register for supplies. On the last page are a few additional notes, before the records end abruptly mid-sentence.)

  • Three tons of fish
  • Four chickens
  • A few sacks of flour and grain
  • Two barrels of wine

Bill: paid
Note: Brother Ilon, our wisest member, has instructed to reduce the orders. The sick won't consume more than half the ration.

  • Five cheese wheels
  • One barrel whine
  • Two sacks of flour and grain

Bill: paid
Notes: none

  • One ton of fish
  • One chicken
  • A few bags of graina

Bill: paid
Notes: none

No supplies
No bill
Notes: none

No supplies
No bill
Notes: The countess Dal'Goldfurt has ordered us not to inhabit these halls anymore. They are too dangerous to remain. The provision until the departure and the discussion will happen through the remaining stock.