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Grupub the Bone Breaker
Race Enderalean Gender Male
Path - Job Bandit
Essential No Form ID 00085AAF
Location Fort Valstaag
Level 14 Health 160
Magicka 70 Stamina 120
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Grupub the Bone Breaker is the final bandit boss residing in Fort Valstaag.The bandit leader’s chamber can be reached either by picking an expert lock or, in a more time-consuming way, by opening the gate in the castle’s vault with 3 Valstaag Coins and obtaining the key to the Castle’s Keep and thus opening the locked doors to the final room with the bandit boss.

Merciless and cruel, Grupub administers brutal punishment on those of his subjects who dare to fill their time with perusing the Valstsaag family’s huge collection of books. According to Grupub’s notes, he greatly disapproves of the bandits’ uncontrollable and fast-spreading habit of reading, as he strongly believes that such a pastime is not fitting for a man. This has inevitably led to a division within the mercenaries’ ranks, and some bandits formed a fraction to oppose their leader’s hard rule.

Much as he might seem impervious to wanton bloodshed, the diary written by the Grupub himself discloses his apprehension towards the paintings present in this unrightfully self-proclaimed room. Not only do the paintings make him feel uncomfortable in the room, but also the scent in the room is unbearable. Yet he keeps his misgivings hidden behind a seemingly-valiant facade.

Items Dropped

  • Cricklet of Shadows
  • Green Apple
  • Iron Gauntlets
  • Skin of the Ratcatcher (Set Item)
  • Spell Tome: Spell Ward (Rank II)
  • Steel Arrows 10x
  • Steel Cuirass
  • Steel Greatsword of the Blaze
  • Torch