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Page 1
Day 13 since my departure.

I beg of you, oh Malphas, let me find a remedy, at least a way of alleviation, a possibility to decelerate the progress of this illness, anything that curbs the onset. At the abbey, we worry every day that an envoy might reach us with news of yet another case in the capital. It is a miracle they still even send for us, considering that none of us have the slightest idea what we could do!

Adjust a broken limb so it will grow back together in a straight fashion? At your service, Mydame!

Your child ate poisonous berries? Worry not, Mysir, three droplets of this remedy each day and your little sunshine will soon be sound and healthy!

But this fever, this madness .. we do not know how to stop it. I cannot accept this!

After extensive studies and research I found old Pyrean records that mention an herbal extract. The Pyreans used this extract to clear the mind of anything disruptive — a possible antagonist? If the narratives are to be trusted, the Pyreans did not fall victim to the red madness. A civilization that grand and mighty could very well have possessed the means necessary to put an end to this horror.

Fortunately, I have finally arrived at my destination. I have reached the Gravespath, this is where the old Pyrean ruins are supposed to be located — if Malphas wills it, I might finally find a remedy here. I will rest one more night and then set out to unveil the secrets of masonry.