Enderal:Journal of the Apothecarii: Page 7

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Page 7

I cannot hear anything anymore. My head is filled with loud screaming which at the same time is a deafening silence. I feel how someone hold my little arms. Why does the pain not end?

Again and again I the foul taste in my mouth makes me vomit. Although my stomach must have been empty for a long time now, I spit out a light green liquid over and over. Has it caused the taste?

Mum and dad have forced me to drink this …

Is this the herbal elixir? Did the visions want to show me what it does? I can see how someone bends over me, my body is too weak to move, something moves quickly toward my face, and the pain makes me cry. Then the images that have tortured me in recent days are gone.

I am clear again.

And my body is burning with pain.

I now understand what the visions wanted to show me, where the memories come from, but I wish I didn't know.

How can I explain that the cure upon which we have placed our hope is not a cure? That it sets the miond [sic] free, as the records have told, but not from illness, but in an unexpected and inhuman manner?

What were the Pyreans thinking? How could they create such a mixture?

I cannot bring this knowledge into the world. It may not be found, never again should someone use this elixir.

I'm going to destroy this knowledge, cost what it may.

I'm so sorry.