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Mimi Gundragf
(Ref ID: 000C475D)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path N/A Job N/A
Essential No Form ID 000C475C
Location Ark
EN-NPC-Mimi Gundragf.jpg
Level 10 Health 125
Magicka 45 Stamina 65

Mimi Gundragf is a child in Ark. She lives in Farmer House "Gundraf". While her family relations are not clear, it can be deduced that Momo Gundraf is her father.


Mimi wakes up at 8 AM and goes to Ark's Marketplace to play. At 1 PM, she goes outside to continue playing. She goes home at 7 PM, and then goes to sleep at midnight.


  • Given that the only time the variant "Gundragf" appears instead of "Gundraf" anywhere in the game is in Mimi's name, it's safe to assume that her surname change is not intentional, but a typo.