Enderal:Abandoned Customs Facilities

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Abandoned Customs Facilities
Abandoned Customs Facilities

Moss Crawlers, Pit Rats, Moss Crawler Mother


West of Ark

Console Cells


Abandoned Customs Facilities is a sombre dungeon in Old Customs Facilities, west of Ark. The vault is overrun by venomous spiders, and in the final chamber you will be faced with the spider broodmother herself, the Moss Crawler Mother. If you enter the dungeon and instantly turn right and walk up the staircase, you will go to the exit area. If you go straight on, you will follow the main paths towards the boss chamber. On your way you will find corpses of Higwaymen who had fallen prey to those merciless creatures. Years have passed, yet their decaying bodies still lie in pools of blood, which has stained even the nearby shelves. The Highwaymen who had occupied the vault previously must have used the place as a jail for their prisoners, as there are many cells and prison beds down the vault. The captured prisoners must have been subjected to brutal tortures, as you will find a torture rack in one of the rooms. When you find a room with a trapdoor, jump into the fire and you will be attacked by the Moss Crawler Mother. After dispatching the spider mother, there is an exit to Heartlands nearby.

Items Found


  • When opening the main gate, it says that you are about to enter Old Customs Facilities, whereas the door to the dungeon is named Abandoned Customs Facilites.
  • There are two locked doors: Novice and Apprentice.
  • The Magic Symbol is down a pathway to the left when descending into the dungeon.