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"We will rebuild it!"
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There are a large variety of places in Enderal. They have been divided and categorized here in order of significance. For the sake of accessibility and ease-of-reference, smaller regions have been consolidated into major ones, streamlining the process of choosing from this list.


See Regions (Main Article)

The Heartlands

The Sun Coast

Famer's Coast

Powder Desert



Myrad Towers

See Myrad Towers (Main Article)

  • Myrad Tower at the Sun Coast
  • Myrad Tower at the Western Cliff
  • Myrad Tower near Fogville
  • Myrad Tower Frostcliff Tavern
  • Myrad Tower in the Dark Valley
  • Myrad Tower at the Heartland's border
  • Myrad Tower in the Northern Heartland
  • Myrad Tower at the Farmer's Coast
  • Myrad Tower at the Wellwatch
  • Myrad Tower of Duneville
  • Myrad Tower in Ark
  • Myrad Tower in front of Ark's Westwall