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Rock Shelter
Rock Shelter

Runaway Prisoners, Wild Mages, Kritos

Ore Veins
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Rock Shelter is a complex hideout occupied by Wild Mages and Runaway Prisoners with a lower and upper area. Some of the mages' conversation can be overheard, and ultimatelty you will be confronted with their boss, Kritos. The upper areas of the shelter can be reached through ladders, and the stone doors can be opened from the other side. There are a few chains to be pulled in order to open secret passages, so always walk with some light. The Lattice Door (Apprentice) leads to Expert Door which is possible to open once you have dispatched the boss, Kritos. There is an exit to Heartlands close to the boss chamber, but with the key in your inventory you can go back to the Expert Door and gain passage to rooms with riches and some rare items.

Items Found

  • Garlic
  • Beds
  • Old Iron Arrows
  • Encyclopedia Arcana, Magic, Part III
  • Chest (Novice)
  • Potion Protection from Frost (Rancid)
  • Rabbit's Foot
  • Peceweed
  • Fog Sponge
  • Mud Morel
  • Endralean Penny Coins
  • 2x Health Potion (Rancid)
  • Iron Helmet
  • Chest
  • Petty Soul Gem
  • Scroll of the Soul Trap
  • 2x Lockpick
  • Mana Potion (Rancid)
  • Stain Mushroom
  • Potion of Woe (Rancid)
  • Life Potion (Rancid)
  • Old Vagrant Hood
  • Shadow Skin
  • Leather Shoes
  • Sporecrown
  • Potion of Protection from Fire (Rancid)
  • Dresser
  • Spell Tome:Death Breath (Rank 1)
  • Petty Soul Gem (filled)
  • Scroll of Ondusi's Key (Adept)
  • Ambrosia

Boss Loot

  • Key to the Rock Shelter
  • Raddled Mage Circlet
  • Chain Boots
  • Endralean Penny Coins 5x
  • Hart of the Well-Travelled One (Set Item)
  • Scroll of Water Breathing (Cheap)
  • Staff of Grounding

Behind the Lattice Door

  • Steel Dagger of Ambush
  • The Claymore of Flames
  • Fire Salts
  • Steel Helmet of the Bulwark
  • Massive Chest (Novice)


  • Pull the Chains to reveal some passages.
  • Loot the Key from Kritos and open the Expert Door.