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A Myrad Tower in the Sun Coast region
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Myrad Towers are towers housing Myrads, that can be ridden to travel between towers. They serve as fast-travel points, and at least one is located in each major region. Talk to the Myrad Keeper and pay them 25 pennies for the flight, and the Myrad will immediately take you to the destination of your choice.

A Secure Chest is available in all Myrad Towers, except those owned by Ark and Riverville, since those locations already have Secure Chests of their own.


This tower is initially inactive. It is activated after The Prophet goes to Ark with Jespar.
Ark, South Quarter
The Myrad and its master are at the very top of the wooden structure. Junas can be found here. The The Brotherhood of Kor quest makes use of this tower.
Ark's Westwall
This tower is located just outside of Ark. One way of reaching the Tower is from Ark's South Quarters (or Foreign Quarters) and going through the gate to Heartlands.
Dark Valley
This tower is located at the Eastern coast of the Western half of Enderal.
Heartland's border
This tower is placed deep in the Hearland's wilderness. There is a Teleport Scroll to Ark and some Baked Potatoes at the top of the tower.
Northern Heartland
There's nothing of value to be found in this tower.
Farmers Coast
This tower is guarded by a watchful Guardsman. The myrad tower contains some items and a bed, but it is not possible to sleep in the bed as it is owned by the guard. There is a Secure Chest close to the tower.


Talk to the Myrad Keeper to acquire some knowledge points.