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Castle Dal'Galar
Castle Dal'Galar

Samael Dal'Galar (formerly), Taniysha Dal'Galar (formerly), Maya Dal'Galar (formerly)

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Castle Dal'Galar is an abandoned castle found in the Frostcliff Mountains of Enderal. The last known residents of the Castle were Samael Dal'Galar, his wife Taniysha Dal'Galar, and his sickly daughter Maya Dal'Galar.

The Prophet travels there with Calia during the quest Angel, after Calia tells the player about one of the possible locations of one of the Black Stones, which are necessary in order to use The Beacon to stop the Cleansing.


Entering the Castle

Upon arriving, Calia and The Prophet find that the castle is mostly sealed off. To break in, they first use several barrels of gunpowder to blow a hole into the main gate. Once they are on the main land of the castle, they find a key that gets them inside. They then navigate the various rooms of the castle, defeating Dal'Galar's undead servants along the way.

The Barrier

At a certain point in the castle, Calia and The Prophet come upon a magical barrier which seems to be impossible to breach. Upon further inspection, Calia finds a breach in the surrounding wall. The Prophet then uses the Telekinesis spell to launch a powder keg into the breach, exploding it with a fire arrow afterwards. This breaks the barrier and the two are free to proceed.

Password-Locked Door

After fighting through Dal'Galar's undead servants and breaching barrier, Calia and The Prophet come upon a large door locked by two passwords. Upon further searching the castle, it is discovered through The Prophet's visions that the passwords are Taniysha (Samael's Wife), and Maya (Samael's Daughter)