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Small Sand Pit
Small Sand Pit

Sand Spider, Mustok Darkhand


Northeast of Duneville Myrad Tower

Console Cells


The Small Sand Pit is a cave which consists of two rooms. The first room is occupied by Sand Spiders. There's a small passage to the left (from the entrance) that leads to the other room, where you'll encounter a boss character named Mustok Darkhand.


Room 1

This is the room where you enter. The loot in this room is actually very useful for fighting the boss in the next room. There's also a Malachite ore vein you can mine here.

Room 2

Mustok Darkhand will be located on the opposite side of this room when you enter. It's quite narrow, and the only way to get to the other side is across a couple of fallen trees, with a gap in the middle. Because of this gap, Mustok Darkhand can't actually cross to the other side to attack you.

Items Found

  • 3x Letter of a Man Dying of Thirst*
  • Chest (Apprentice)
  • Aeterna Arrows
  • Health Potion (Standard)
  • 2x Potion of Protection from Fire (Exclusive)
  • Expert Book Psionics

*These books share the same name, but have different content.


  • It's possible that the three Letters of a Man Dying of Thirst were written by the man who became Mustok Darkhand.
  • When dealing with the Sand Spiders in the first room, you can jump on a small ledge in the back of the room to prevent the spiders from using their melee attacks against you.
  • The first room and the passage leading toward the second room contain loot that may be useful for fighting Mustok Darkhand. The Aeterna Arrows are a good option for ranged attacks, and you can make use of the Protection from Fire potions since Mustok Darkhand uses many fire attacks.
  • If you sneak and stay on/behind the rock in the passage leading to Room 2, you may be able to use ranged attacks to kill Mustok Darkhand without him ever finding you (if your Sneak level is high enough).
  • Mustok Darkhand drops some very useful loot, among which is a Staff of Massive Fireballs.