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Pyrean Ruin
Old Iniath
Old Iniath

Ice Elemental, Fire Elemental, Nehrimese Soldier, Nehrimese Mage, Oorbaya, Mad Rat, Starling Guardian, Starling Spider, Starling Centurion, Expedition Leader Melren


Old Iniath is a Pyrean Ruin located on top of the highest mountain in the Frostcliff Mountains. Finding it will grant you the Steam-Achievement "Reach for the Stars". The ruin can be reached by following the path north from Northwind Storage, then turning to the sharp left past an abandoned camp with several Conjured Guardians. A high number of Red Vynroot grows on the snowy path leading up the mountain. Be aware of Fire Elementals and an Ice Bear when trying to reach the top of the mountain. It is part of an unnamed mini-quest surrounding the Mysterious Note found in the Koppophon blueprint which can be bought in Ark, Bank.

The outside of the ruin is guarded by several Nehrimese Soldiers and Nehrimese Mages, some of them being on lookout on the high towers of the fortress. A chest is located on the left tower in the back. The fortress can be entered through two heavy doors, one on top of the right tower and another one closer to the ground on the left. Upon entering the door on the left, you arrive in front of a bridge which leads into a Soldier Camp. Their camp is filled with potions and food supplies. The room straight ahead of this one is empty, but to its right is another empty one with a locked massive chest inside. In the rooms to the left are even more Soldiers and Summoned Elementals. Noteworthy is one of the rooms which seems to have been a workshop once, as is indicated by the half-finished Starling construction and Starling Spiders. A letter lies on the table in the workshop and tells a story of what happened: The Nehrimese Soldiers managed to fight the Starling machines on the upper levels of the ruin, but more are expected in the lower levels. A small expedition team lead by a man called Melren was sent to explore more parts of the dungeon.

The lower levels of Old Iniath can be accesed through two doors, behind which Starling Guardians and more Nehrimese Soldiers as well as their summoned creatures are waiting. The room behind the workshop is notable because of a hidden Ice Claw behind the metal columns. One Starling Centurion is waiting in front of the other door leading back to the main camp. Another door leads to a spiral staircase which connects the camp to the second entrance, located on the tower, mentioned above.

Entering Old Iniath, Glacial Pass you will encounter more enemies. Eventually, you arrive in a room with two soldiers and the Expedition Leader Melren. He is a rather skilled mage, so make sure you're prepared for the fight. A chest titled "Merlen's Chest" contains coins as well as the artifact Kopp's Soul Gem, which is needed to craft the Koppophon.

Items Found

Soldier Camp

  • Aeterna Gauntlets of Magic Winds
  • Ambrosia
  • Spell Tome: Summon Fire Elemental (Rank II)
  • Spell Tome: Flash Heal (Rank IV)
  • Flawless Diamond
  • Helmet of the Righteous Lansquenet
  • (Set of the Skarrag) Skarrag Gauntlets

Boss Loot