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Arid Well Shaft
Arid Well Shaft
Dark Valley

Mad Rat, Skeleton


Throatstone Manufactory

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Arid Well Shaft is a small, damp dungeon infested with Mad Rats. In the final chamber of the place there is a Massive Chest and remains of a previous occupant of the shaft. The Shpiment (a note) lying next to the corpse mentions a key located somewhere upwards. It is unknown what fate had befallen the unfortunate adventurer, yet a bow and some arrows can be found near his skeleton, which suggests that the key can be reached by using the weapons.

If you go into the alcove where you found the skeleton, face the back wall and look up, you will see a bucket balanced on a ledge in the well shaft. You can either shoot it down or use Telekinesis to bring it to you, the key is in the bottom of the bucket. It may take a couple of tries to obtain the key as it can fall out prematurely or bounce off into a corner and be difficult to see/locate.

Items Found

  • Mud Morel
  • Barrels
  • Massive Chest (Master)
  • Crate
  • Shipment (note next to the skeleton)
  • Key (in the bucket which is balanced in the well shaft)


  • The entrance to the Well Shaft is in the area of the Manufactory, very close to the place where a Mud Elemental is. It is almost opposite the Small Deposit, and you can find a bottle with a Health Potion on the entrance.