Enderal:Deep Digger's Hollow, Supply Shaft

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Deep Digger's Hollow, Supply Shaft
Deep Digger's Hollow, Supply Shaft

Frost Trolls, Mad Rat, Momog

Ore Veins

Deep Digger's Hollow, Supply Shaft is a small Dungeon which can be found on your way up to Deep Digger's Hollow. The entrance is a trapdoor located left of the wooden path. The ladder leads into a room with a bed and a table, from where you can start exploring the cave.

The supply shaft is occupied by three Frost Trolls and a Mad Rat as well as a Frost Troll called "Momog". On the lower level are two of the trolls, a Thorium Ore vein and a shield. A smaller chest is located in the western part of the cave on the upper level. If you follow the small snowy bridge over the main part of the cave, you can find the corpse of a Prison Escapee next to a Massive Chest with an Expert lock.

Items Found

  • Ice Claw
  • The Butcher of Ark Volume 4 - Ashes
  • Spell Tome: Summon Bow (Rank V)
  • Blueprint: Spacious Backpack
  • Onion
  • Health Potion (Exclusive)

Boss Loot

  • (Set of the Wandering Mage) Shadow of the Wandering Mage
  • Aeterna Arrows
  • Aeterna Bow of Fire Wrath
  • Troll Fat

Massive Chest (Expert)

  • Emerald
  • Coins
  • Frost Salt
  • Greater Soul Gem
  • Learning Book: Mentalism (Adept)
  • Rune Sword of Fire Wrath
  • Spell Tome: Grounding (Rank IV)
  • Spell Tome: Ice Breath (Rank IV)