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Ruined Homestead
Ruined Homestead
Sun Coast

Full Grown Rat, Highwayman, Redrick Borecut

Ore Veins
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Ruined Homestead is a quest-related ruined building in the Sun Coast, northeast of Riverville. The place contains one area, Buried Cellar, a small cave-like system.



Upon approaching, it may seem as if this was once a prosperous home, given the fine stonework that is rarely present anywhere else in the Sun Coast. However, that is long since past, for now it is only a pile of rubble. Despite its name, there is no evidence of crops having been grown here; However, near the stream there are a few fishing poles set up, indicating there may be somebody still coming here.

Inside the ruined enclosure, there is a trapdoor to Buried Cellar, a small underground foundation populated by rats and bandits.

Buried Cellar

Immediately upon entering, a rat may attack you. This cellar of the ruined house above has partially collapsed and so it features many cave-ins and dead ends. In fact, the place is perfectly linear. First stick to the right, you'll end in a room with an iron ore vein, then trace back and go the other way, descend some stairs to find a Highwayman guard the path, you may notice that walls are more intact in here. Go through narrow halls until you find a door, behind it are two bandits and a bed which you can use to heal. Continue on, now you find yourself in a room stretched to the left with door on the right - this leads to a small room where Redrick resides, along with a bed, chest and Blessed Leather Gloves on a cupboard next to a knapsack - the rest of the place is guarded by a Highwayman and has some loot, in particular a Raddled Robe and a Leather Helmet

Items Found



  • Inside you will find several beds on which you can regenerate your health.
  • This location was known as "Old Farm" before the patch.