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Wood Mill

Runaway Prisoner, Entropy Mage


West of Brown Rock Cave

When approaching the Sawmill you need to be wary and tread carefully, as there are plenty of deadly traps scattered around the camp. The Camp itself is a tricky and dangerous zone, as it is occupied by a group of Entropy Mages and Runaway Prisoners, who will attack you once you enter their territory, so be prepared to tackle a few hostile mages at once.


Camp Exterior

There are lots of traps that can be accidentally triggered by any hasty adventurer, so be sure to watch your every step, as the mages will undoubtedly take advantage of your carelessness. There is a huge windmill in the immediate vicinity of the camp, and there is a Tanning Rack to use in the very centre of the camp. A Runaway Prisoner can be seen chopping wood at the Wood Block hidden behind one house, and he seens so engrossed in his daily task that he is totally unaware of your presence and will not attack, even when approached.

Camp Interiors

The three shacks in the camp have no doors, so every mage will rush from their residence in order to deal with you. The houses are crude, providing their residents with some basic equipment. There will be plenty of beds to choose from if the need to replenish your energy arises.

Items Found

  • Steel Dagger
  • Health Flux Potion (Rancid)
  • Wooden Bowl
  • Beds
  • Skull
  • Chest
  • Thief Hood
  • Empty Parachment
  • Scroll of Magelight (Cheap)
  • Mana Potion (Cheap)
  • Inkwell
  • Deer Pelt
  • Goblet
  • Large Antlers
  • Coin Purse
  • Sack
  • Old Iron Arrows
  • Iron Battleaxe
  • Tomato
  • Wine
  • Plate
  • Fork
  • Lantern
  • Bowl
  • Ruuined Books
  • Saw
  • Health Potion (Cheap)
  • Fine Leather Helmet
  • Potion of Magic Detachment (Rancid)
  • Mana Potion (Cheap)
  • Iron Pot
  • Dresser
  • Mug
  • Flatiron
  • Endralean Penny Coins
  • Pumpkin
  • Account of the Unknown Traveler, Volumne I
  • Scroll of the Light Herald (Cheap)
  • Fine Leather Shoes
  • Basket
  • Chest (Apprentice)


  • Tanning Rack
  • Wood Block


  • The Runaway Prisoner chopping wood behind the shack is not aggressive, and he will not attack you, but he makes it impossible to sleep in the beds nearby, therefore, it is recommended to dispatch him if you are willing to regain your strentghs in the beds.