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Deep Digger's Settlement
Deep Digger's Settlement

Awoken Lost One, Grotesque Lost One, Conjured Guardian

Deep Digger's Settlement is an abandoned settlement in the Frostcliff Mountains. The fastest way there is to follow the western path from Frostcliff Tavern in the direction of Northwind Camp. As you head north, a wooden path branches out and goes uphill. Following this path will lead you past Dark Leap Watch and an unmarked shed to the main part of the settlement. It is occupied by three Grotesque Lost Ones as well as several Awoken Lost Ones and Conjured Guardians, so be prepared.

The settlement has many sheds and cabins as well as shafts which can be entered. They seem to be mostly occupied by Conjured Guardians and Awoken Lost Ones.


Four sub-locations in Deep Digger's Settlement can be entered. The Shed at the upper part is occupied by several Conjured Guardians and a Lord of the Lost Ones.

Inside the Work Shed is one Vatyr. On one of the barrels on the right wall of the shed, you can find the book "Kilana's Secrets: Glacial Bomb III".

The Storehouse is a bit bigger than the previous two sheds. Entering through the door instead of the trapdoor, the room is occupied by three Fire Elementals and one Soil Elemental. Upstairs is an unlocked massive chest. It is possible to jump over the broken beams to a small platform with another unlocked chest. A skeleton is lying on the floor. Next to it is a note called "Last Words", which tell the tale of the person's last moments. To continue exploring the storehouse, you need to return to the ground level of the house and jump down a shaft. One Soil Elemental is guarding the lower level. A chest can be found behind a lattice door as well as a part of a set armor, the Shell of the Ash Warrior. A ladder leads back to the main part of the settlement.

In the middle of the settlement, a ladder leads to Icezag's Mineral Screening. It is a large area with several Frost Trolls. One of the many easter eggs of the game is located there as well as the Bow of the Mad Hermit.