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Old Dam Lookout
Old Dam Lookout

Moss Crawler

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During the Main Quest

After the Main Quest

When you come back to the place after the quest is finished, you can acquire some equipment from a Bandit or in nearby chests. Taking a closer look at the place you will find a door (Enter: Old Dam Lookout) in the dam leading into the Dam. Upon going upstairs you will be attacked by a couple of Moss Crawlers. You might use a Ballista which is located on your left, when facing the spiders. After the battle you will noice a bed in which you can regenerate. At the end of the room you will find a small room filled with cobwebs. Destroy the cobwebs (you can do it with your weapon) and you will be facing a door. Use your Map, so that you can see that there is a hidden room. In the very same room you there are some Chains fixed to the wall. Interact with the Chain (E) and the door leading to the hidden room will be wide open. Inside there is a Magic Symbol and a chest.

To have the area marked on your map you need to revisit the place once the main quest is finished and a new one The Void is triggered. Simply go back from where you met Jespar to the previous location.

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  • The area is explorable only after you have finished the quest A New Beginning - or also before it, if you manage to walk around the Apothecary's camp without speaking to Fin and enter the house.