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Dark Valley

11 Level 20 Skaragg Soldiers, 1 Level 30 Skaragg witcher and 2 Level 20 Skaragg Soldiers right outside cave entrance.

Lightgrove is a cave occupied by many Skaragg enemies. The cave consists of a large open area with an alter at its center and passages to both the right and left sides that lead into other smaller areas.In the right area you can drop down to a hidden entrance into another small cave. Through the left passage you will come to a spiral staircase that leads up to a couple smaller areas. At the base of that same staircase you can swim down to an underwater passage leading to another small cave with an altar.

At the top of the spiral staircase is a locked door that needs a key. In the middle level, there is a short interior stairway that ends in a room with a locked door that also needs a key. Both doors lead to the same room, which is also accessible from the outside without a key. In that room is a table with a key on it that unlocks both doors. Apart from a couple of enemies, there is nothing else of particular note in that room.

Items Found

  • Crafting book: Alchemy, Adept
  • Scroll: Teleport to Ark
  • Silver Steel Greatsword
  • Ice Claw
  • Demon Heart
  • Butterfly in a Jar
  • (Set of the Fallen) Echo of the Fallen (On an alter in the central area.)
  • (Set of the Tracker) Fortune of the Tracker (On an alter in central area.)
  • Mystical Symbol (Underwater cave.)
  • Spell Tomb: Mesmerize (Rank III) (Underwater cave.)
  • Silver Steel Sword of the Frost Wrath (Underwater cave.)
  • Circlet of the Limbo (Psionics spells cost 20% less to cast) (Underwater cave.)


  • The Side Quest In Our Shadows will bring you here during the Rhalata Questline and more specifically to the underwater cave section.