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This page lists all unfortunate travelers that can be found throughout Enderal.

Near Bunvar and Ulvar's Camp

The Devastated Cart

Upon approaching, the unfortunate camp is guarded by two fierce wolves. However, after reading the Journal lying on the ground, it seems that the starving wolves were not to blame for the reason of the traveller's plight. The whole ground surrounding the cart is stained with blood, and there are some arrows nearby the Journal. The Journal reads as follows: "I used to be an adventured, but I took an arrow to the knee." Yet there is no body of the adventurer, as he must have escaped suffering the pains of his injured knee. Some items to loot are located at the back of the cart.


Heartlands, near Bunvar and Ulvar's Camp

You will come across the cart while on your way with Jespar to Ark during The Void main quest.


  • Hungry Wolf 2x

Items Found

  • Journal
  • Old Arrow
  • Ruined Book
  • Health Flux Potion (Rancid)
  • Old Vagrant Hood
  • Lantern


  • The cart belongs to the one who took an arrow to the knee. The quote "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee"

became memorable after it has been repeatedly uttered by random non-important NPCs (such as town guards) throughout The Elder Scroll: Skyrim. The catchphrase has become extremely popular and is commonly referred to in various forums, chatrooms or other social media.


EN-places-Unfortunate Travelers Heartlands Location1.jpg

Near Family Crypt Keldron

Tomb Robber

You will discover a body a dead man lying in a pool of blood when pursuing The Void main quest, accompanied by Jespar. If you are eager to discover what kind of misfortune had befallen the dead Tomb Robber, it is enough to follow the trail of blood and stray off the main track into the wilderness. There you will be attacked by a pair of Hungry Wolves, but the bloody track will ultimately lead to the Family Crypt Keldron. We might deduce from the clues that the desecrater had managed to escape injured from the Crypt, but not from the Hungry Wolves' claws which eventually feasted upon his fresh body.


Heartlands,Penny Road, after going over the long wooden bridge, near Family Crypt Keldron.


  • Hungry Wolves 2x

Items Found

The loot from the corpse.


Corpse Location

Near Old Three River Camp

An Unfortunate Traveller and his Cart

An ambushed cart guarded by two Highwaymen.


Near Old Three River Camp on the Sun Coast.


  • Higwayman 2x
  • Corpse

Items Found

  • Coins
  • Lockpicks
  • Iron Shield
  • Old Vagrant Boots
  • Hauberk
  • Chain Gauntlets
  • Cheese Wheels
  • Blueprint: Iron Warhammer
  • Apprentice Book:Alchemy


Location under Old Three River Camp