Enderal:Old Farm (NW of Riverville)

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Old Farm, bridge in the background
Magic Symbol in the shed

Old farm is a small ruined farmhouse on Sun Coast, northwest of Riverville containing a wild mage and a Magic Symbol nearby.


The house is a small, single-story building with a porch and a fenced off garden that contains some wheat and flowers, which hints to the place's past as a farm. A half of roof has collapsed. The interior contains some food, wine and ale, potions, a chest and items specified below. The Wild Mage sits in the bedroom. Next to the house, on the side facing the river, is a well and another chest. Some fishing nets and a boat can be found at the river as well as a bridge leading to a pasture with cows and a small shed, where a Magic Symbol is located.


  • Wild Mage

Items Found