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Pyrean Ruin
Old Sherath
Old Sherath

Fleshless Lost Ones, Tunnel Spiders, Tunnel Spider Queen, Bandur, Zu-Sherath

Console Cells

AltSherathL1, AltSherathWohnhaus, AltSherathL2

Old Sherath is an underground ruin located west of Riverville To easiest way to reach the ruins by acquiring the Key to Old Sherath from a Deserted Shack that you will most probably stumble upon while heading towards Old Sherath. The Key opens the Gate that is locked and blocks your passage towards the ruins.

The place is guarded by Fleshless Lost Ones, Tunnel Spiders and a Tunnel Spider Queen. There are some traps on the ground, so be careful not to step on them. There are multiple chests with leveled loot to be found. Also be aware of the magical contaminated areas. In the room after the Tunnel Spider Queen there is a hole in the ground with broken doors covering it. When going down this will take you to the Assembly Chamber. You will find a Letter on a highwayman's corpse.

The ruin is located on a small ridge surrounded by water with a statue on it. In the middle of the dune there are stairs leading to the ruin itself. There are multiple Fleshless Lost Ones guarding the entrance.



Tunnel Spider Queen in the distance

Level 1

Upon entering the first room you will be encountered by a few Fleshless Ones. When proceeding deeper into the dungeon there will be a place when you become affected by the Arcane Fever. The passage further may seem blocked, but a message will appear that you have come across a 'brittle wall'. When facing the 'brittle wall' turn left and interact with the statue that is left to the wall. Having done that, the wall will fall apart and a new passage will open allowing you to venture forth. Finally, there will be a room with a well into which you need to fall into in order to reach level 2 of the dungeon.

Level 2

Watery Tomb

Assembly Chamber When you enter the assembly chamber you will find yourself under water for the first part of the area. You can go to the surface to breath before advancing to the next part. When going left on the first T-Junction you will find a chest with loot. At the end of the underwater part you will come across a room with multiple Fleshless Lost Ones. If you go to the room in front of you you will encounter Zu-Sherath, a floating mage, who will use fire and shock magic against you. To the left of the statue you will find a chest with loot. Zu-Sherath carries multiple set items and some unique items, one of them Zu-Sherath's key, which is needed to open the chest in the other room near the exit. In that room you will also find a chest which can be opened with the aqcuired key, a mummy in a standing coffin and an arcane enchanter. Swim underwater to leave the dungeon.


  • Somewhere on level 2 you will find a Scroll: Teleport to Riverville. It will probably the fastest way to leave the dungeon.
  • There is no quest related to the Watery Tomb and the Tomb cannot be interacted with.
  • During the main quest the Prophet will discover another Woman in the Water.


Old Sherath Location