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“We will rebuild it!”
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In the last room of Old Yogosh, in the south east corner of the room. You will hear strange noises coming from a stack of burned corpses next to a massive chest. Getting close to it will reveal the boss called "Yogosh".

Items Dropped

  • (Set of the Fallen) Mask of the Fallen
  • (Set of the Tribunal) Robe of the Tribunal
  • Bone Meal
  • Endralean Penny Coin(s) (75)
  • Glittering Shaman Amulet (Increases the duration time of the transformation of "Wolf Blood" potions by 45 seconds. Affects only potions brewed while this effect was active.)
  • Learning Book: Block, Master
  • Learning Book: Entropy, Master
  • Learning Book: Mentalism, Master
  • Scroll of Ondui's Key (Master)
  • Scroll: Teleport to Duneville


  • The boss may not appear (especially when sneaking). Attacking the stack of corpses (preferable with AOE damage) will usually lure him out.