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Spoilers for Passive Users

Passive users of the SureAI wiki, those who only want to read articles and get information, but do not write and edit articles, should know that here spoilers lurk at every corner! The SureAI Wiki wants to provide comprehensive and factual information about games like Enderal, Nehrim or Arktwend, and be a helpful encyclopaedia for all players who want to learn about these games.

Players who are not yet familiar with a particular game or who are in the middle of the game should be careful when reading articles if they do not want to take the fun of discovering the secrets and surprises of the game worlds. The complex role-playing worlds of the SureAI projects make it impossible to mark single places as spoilers in the wiki articles: the gameplay is too different, the approach of the individual players too different. Where a spoiler starts and stops for each individual player is very different and constant warnings in the articles would render the readability null.

Therefore, if you are stuck in a quest and just want help with it, you should only read the appropriate article for this quest and only read until the place where the desired info is to be found. Apart from the spoiler warning in the first sentences on the main page of the SureAI wiki, there are no further warnings in the articles!

Spoilers for Active Users

Active users put content into the SureAI Wiki, write articles and supplement and improve them. Usually, active users are those who have already played through at least one game. Of course, you can edit articles even if you are still in the middle of the game, but then the same warnings as the ones mentioned above for the passive users apply: Keep away from articles that deal with games you haven't played, important characters who are not fully developed, or quests that you haven't seen yet, so that you do not spoil yourself!

Active users who are familiar with one or more games and want to be fully into the editing of articles should know that the SureAI Wiki - as mentioned above - does not give spoiler warnings. A general spoiler warning on the main page, which links to this page, is the only warning on the wiki.

All articles of the SureAI wiki should be comprehensive and cover all details of the game elements. This is, of course, the ideal state, which is not yet reached by many articles, which still need a lot of information and processing. All contained facts and information should be displayed clearly, directly and without obfuscation. Formulations such as "possibly...", "it is possible that..." or "there are rumors that..." should not be used to hide spoilers.

When writing the articles you should concentrate on the strength of a wiki, and that is the provision of clear and comprehensive information. Even players who have played a game several times can still find information that they have missed while browsing through the articles. If you know something about a quest, an NPC or a place that is not already in the Wiki, you can share your knowledge by adding it to the article.

Facts and information are important. This is not to say that articles should be dry, humorless or uninspired! First of all, it should be fun to read or write in the SureAI Wiki! Therefore, please make sure to make the articles interesting and legible - with the language, with the formatting and with impressive, meaningful screenshots and graphics. Articles about complex quests or connections in the game worlds, but also about supposed trifles such as plants or objects, should be read not only informatively, but also well and entertaining.