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As Erothin is the most civilized realm of all the realms in Nehrim, bank services are available only in Erothin bank - Money and Greed Bank. The bank is located in Upper Quarter ( near the storage chest). In order to take advantage of the services you need to speak to the the Head Teller - Banker Rodrigues. The bank offers three basic services: opening an account, money deposit and shareholding.

Bank Services

  • Opening an account - a free service offered by the Teller. Money deposited earns interest. Interest is posted to your account every four days. According to the clerk, interest rate varies and depends on the economy. After opening the account the clerk gives us the key to lockbox number 2222. Of course you can deposit and withdraw money at will.
  • Deposit Box- is available to everyone who holds an account. In your lockbox you can find not only the deposit box but your own storage chest as well.
  • Shareholding - additional shareholdings to a business will increase your earnings when stored inside the safe deposit box. There are four shares possible to obtain:
  1. Erothin Theater Partnership Agreement - found in 111 vault (keys)
  2. Bathhouse Partnership Agreement - after the completion of The Key to Cleanliness
  3. Cahbaet Brewery Partnership Agreement - after the completion of The Missing Master Brewer
  4. Erothin Farm Community Partnership Agreement found in vault 2221



  • Lockbox keys - while exploring the city you might come across some lockbox keys. Use them on the appropriate vaults.
  • Achievement - opening 7 bank vaults earns you the Bank Robber achievement.
  • Remember to store your partnership agreements in your bank locker (NOT safe storage chest), otherwise, you will get no income.