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Pay your fine or go to jail!

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A Criminal Offense occurs when a person commits something that is against the current law in Nehrim.

Law and Order are maintained by guards, who act as the realm's police force. If you commit a crime, your bounty will go up and you will by pursued by any nearby guard on sight. When you are caught, you will be given three choices:

  • Pay the obtained bounty
  • Go to Jail
  • Resist Arrest

By paying the bounty, you will lose the same amount of gold. If you dont have enough gold left to pay the ransom, you can only go to jail or resist arrest.

If you go to jail, you will only find a bedroll to use. Here you can serve your time until your prison time has expired. Beware though! When you leave prison, some skills can decrease in value.

By resisting arrest, every guard in the area will attack you on sight until you are defeated or surrender. You can surrender by holding the Block button + Action button when facing a guard. You can't pay the bounty to any other than the guards, there's nothing like the thieves guild in Oblivion.

List of known crimes

  • Assault
  • Murder
  • Theft
  • Use of Magic in a city or town in the Middlerealm during the Magic Prohibition
  • Trespassing



After you and Naratzul Arantheal kill Barateon, the Magic Prohibition should be removed.