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File:Line625.jpg I somehow feel that the statue in Erodan's chapel looks sad. Perhaps we should ask one of the monks what is going on.

An unnamed pilgrim

Notice (2)

I am looking for young, charming and flexible adventurers with an interest in archaeological research!
If you are interested, report to Gervase, his house can be found next to the court at the Place of Righteousness.

Notice (3)

File:Line625.jpg Our Ruler Tyr,
After the death of the King's son, we let the blade come to you.We know that you, as one of the Light-Born, will have to leave this realm very soon and all that it once was and its inhabitants will be forgotten.

We think that the weapon will be safe from thieves in Tyrat. No one can enter that temple, you should know that best. Even if the last remaining Seraph was gone and no one guarded the ancient temples.

We wish you much luck, even if we knew that the destruction of this country is only a matter of time. For humans, time is a river that flows lazily, for your time is probably only one thing: Evanescent.

Garamor, former City keeper of Stormwend.

Notice (4)

File:Line625.jpg Only stupid people call the Cahbaet Garden Brew by this name.

Notice (5)

File:Line625.jpg Why? Tyr has let us down! He is running away from his destiny like a cowardly dog, rather than to face it bravely and manfully perish! I have sworn to follow his orders and I'll do that. I will end this here for me!