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General information

These services are significantly modified in Nehrim.

  • Recharge- recharges your weapon at affordable prices.
  • Repair- extremely useful unless your craft skill is high enought to repair magical weapons/armor by yourself. Similarly, the prices are affordable and repairing magical items is definitely not a nuisance or extravagance.
  • Taking a bath - a refreshing bath wondrously cures you of all the diseases.

The Middlerealm


Arcane Sanctum

Merchant Name Building/Place Service
Archmage Vanmiria Observatory Recharge
Lenora Templers' House Repair
Lethian Templers' House Recharge


District Merchant Name Place/Building Service
Erothin Farmer Village Jole the Smith At the forge Repair
Erothin Farmer Village Melte the Smith At the forge Repair
Foreign Quarter Jamal Mage's Cave Recharge
Foreign Quarter Merdock the Smith Outside Merdock's Forge Repair
Foreign Quarter Arod Master Craftsman Recharge
Foreign Quarter Tina Merdock's Forge Repair
Backyard Baderin Regina The Bathhouse (Open only after the completion of The key to cleanliness side quest) Bath
Upper Quarter Mathilda Mathilda's Leather and Togs Repair
Upper Quarter Duncan Kreuz Duncan's Tin Cans Repair
Upper Quarter Louis the Smith Louis the Armorer Repair
Erothin Sewers Maius Thieves' Den (Available only after the completion of The Candidate of the City Guard main quest) Recharge
Erothin, Fortress Plaza Redwek the Smith Near the Palace entrance (available after the completion of The Chancellor's Fate main quest) Repair
Erothin, Barracks Seff the Smith In the Courtyard Repair


City Merchant Name Building/Place Service
Giliad Golag the Smith Outside, at the forge Repair
Castle Stonefield Maltin the Smith Outside, at the forge Repair
Stonefield Tarenka Tarenka's Store Repair
Waverock Amhvel near his house at the harbour (at the smithy) Repair

Other places 

Village/Place Merchant Name Place/Building Service
Aeterna Camp Laura Aeterna Camp Recharge

The Northrealm


Mountain Monastery

Name Place/Building Service
Sancta Maia Main Building Recharge
Milan Main Building Recharge
Konstantin Kontantin's Restoration Spells Recharge
Balin Balin's House, Altertion and Arcane Goods Recharge
Osmar the Smith Osmar's Forge Recharge, Repair


Merchant Name Place/Building Service
Braal the Blacksmith Smithy in the centre Repair
Nina Nina's Tools of the Trade Repair
Oretius Outside Magus the Mage Recharge
Magnus Magnus the Mage Recharge
Elgor Elgor's Armor and Weapon Store Repair


Merchant Name Building/Place Service
Klump At the smithy in the Great Hall of Anku Repair

Other places 

Village/Place Merchant Name Place/Building Service
Sarnor Ali from the North Ali's Smithy Repair
Mahrnitz Smith Brent At the forge (in front of his house) Repair

The Southrealm



District/Area Merchant Name Place/Building Service
Upper stores Narima Mystic and Ordinary Goods Repair, recharge
Upper stores Alma the Blacksmith Alma's Light Armor and Weapons Repair
Upper stores Malogos Nathran Malogos' Magic Recharge
Marketplace Jonas the Smith At the smithy Repair
Arena Balgo Arena Repair




Merchant Name Place/Building Service
Ferek The Fence Landing Stage Recharge