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This letter is for you and you alone, nobody else. Please, be aware of the following:

If someone learns of this letter, both of you will meet your doom. You may think that this is an idle threat, but I assure you it isn't, and it is not worth taking the chance.

I have discreetly inquired around and found you are a person of integrity. I need your help and we must meet secretly because of the danger. Here is what I want you to do. In two days at dusk you will go alone into the disused section of the Shadow Song Mine, where I will meet you. This mine is located west of the Tirin Abbey. I'm dreadfully sorry but your life is in danger because I have contacted you. You will not be safe if you do not show up. Again, I am sorry for the danger I've put you in but these are difficult times and I need your help. You no longer have much of a choice my friend so I look forward to seeing you in two days.



It is alleged that another geneological fragment is in the southern coast guard tower, which formerly secured the Bay of Treomar. Maltron has tried to reach the top of the tower with an air glider, but has not returned yet. Another air glider is at the signal post before Treomar. Maybe I should start looking, too?



Wir haben dieses Schild unten am Strand gefunden, scheinbar wurde es vom Meer angeschwämmt. Was es nicht alles gibt


We found this shield down at the beach, as it seems it was washed ashore. Stone the Crows!


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