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Lvl Type File:Health.jpg File:Damage.jpg File:Magic.jpg EP Respawn Soul Editor ID
1 Creature 3 2 0 Yes Petty NQRatte01
1 Creature 3 2 0 Yes Petty NQRatte02
1 Creature 3 2 0 Yes Petty NQRatte03
1 Creature 9 2 0 5 Yes Petty 01Grubenratte
Type of attack Immunity Weakness
Melee N/A N/A
Drops Rat Meat


The first three rats are related to Side quest Work in the Mine.

Like all rats they carry the disease LL0DiseaseRat25 which means a 75% chance of catching the following;

  1. Witless Pox - Drain intelligence 5 Pts
  2. Shakes - Drain agility 5 Pts
  3. Red Rage - Drain strength 5 Pts, drain willpower 5 Pts
  4. BrainRot - Drain strength 5 Pts
  5. Feeble Limb - Drain strength 5 Pts
  6. Bone Break Fever - Drain strength 5 Pts
  7. Blood lung - Drain endurance 5 Pts


  • The first three rats are found in Shadow Song Mine
  • The fourth Pit rat is ordinary inhabitant in dungeons and many houses.



  • They are very hostile.
  • Because Pit Rats are weak, attack quickly and generally appear in large numbers, they are quite useful for training armor skills, especially Light Armor which is unique in its ability to increase the Speed attribute. Simply allow them to gang up on you and pound away at you while you heal yourself, and your armor skills will increase quickly with little risk to your life. This is best done at the exit of the mine or cave they are in, so that you can escape at a moment's notice to let your magic regenerate and to heal. Leave them alive when you find them in mines and other interiors from which they cannot escape, and make note of where they are for armor training on later levels.