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Plants in Nehrim

List of plants

Name Found Plants Ingredient
Alkanet Fold Valley, The Forest of Salathin 579 Alkanet Flower
Aloe Vera on the road from The Dark Forest to Soul Flayer Temple 53 Aloe Vera Leaves
Arrowroot Plant Soul Flayer, near Ruins of Rhamalion, Manag Crypt Telsa, Erothin, Menagerie 15 Arrow Root
Bergamot Fold Valley 890 Bergamot Seeds
Blackberry Bush near Zerobilon, central part of Fold Valley 27 Blackberry
Carrot Plant Vegetable garden in Landing Stage, Erothin Farmer Village, Stonefield, Mahrnitz 68 Carrot
Cinnabar Polypore Erothin, Backyard, Waverock, road near Alcazar's Last Bastion, Erothin, Traveller's Tavern - Backyard, near Monastery of Pandorn, Old Fortress of Onakat 68 Cinnabar Polypore Cap
Clouded Funnel Cap The Middlerealm, The Northrealm 380 Clouded Funnel Cap
Columbine The Forest of Salathin, The Fog Tower Island 29 Columbine Root Pulp
Corn Stalk Vegetable garden in Erothin Farmer Village, Tirin Abbey, Leanah's Farm, Lightfire 688 Corn
Domica Redwort Places around Erothin, The Forest of Salathin 76 Redwort Flower
Dragon's Tongue Plant Plain of Treomar, The Forest of Salathin 94 Dragon's Tongue
Dry Schlingsträucher The Desert in The Southrealm 5278 Ginseng
Dryad Saddle Polypore Fold Valley, The Forest of Salathin 1205 Dryad Saddle Polypore Cap
Elf Cup The Dark Forest, Ghost Shadow Ruin, Erothin, Mages' Cave, Alcazar's Last Bastion, Zerobilon 231 Elf Cup Cap
Emetic Russula The Dark Forest, Arktwend, dungeons 730 Emetic Russula Cap
Fennel The Middlerealm 74 Fennel Seeds
Flax East coast of The Middlerealm, The Southrealm 302 Flax Seed
Fly Amanita In all Nehrim 1665 Fly Amanita Cap
Foxglove The Middlerealm 1642 Nectar
Garlic Cluster Almost in every house, buyable 160 Garlic
Ginseng Plant Near Tirin Abbey, Gods' Acre, Castle of Stonefield, near Monastery of Pandorn, Ostian Palace 30 Ginseng
Goldenrod The Forest of Salathin, The Fog Tower Island, The Desert in The Southrealm 540 White Seed Pod
Grape Vine Vineyard in Erothin Farmer Village, Salen, Stonefield 81 Grapes
Green Stain Cup Cap The Middlerealm, dungeons 369 Green Stain Cup Cap
Lady's Mantle Near Tomb of the Treasury, Baldur Heights Chapel, Erod Watch, Stone Circle, Gargoth Cave, Butcher's Slaughterhouse, Northern Watch, Mist Tower, Ostian Palace 40 Lady's Mantle Leaves
Lady's Smock Near Tomb of the Treasury, Mine At The Collapsed Pass To The Southrealm, Freyer's Farmhouse, Showground, Graveyard in NR, south of Northern Watch, Pandorn Chapel 27- Lady's Smock Leaves
Lakeroot The Deep Sea, river in The Death Pass, Amanda's Underground Cave, The Heart of the World, the Shaft, Mage's Cave, Old Jail 397 Seewurz
Lavender In all Nehrim 1059 Lavender Sprig
Leek Plant Landing Stage, Castle of Stonefield, Erothin Farmer Village, Stonefield 21 Leek
Lettuce Plant Vegetable garden in Freyer's Farmhouse, Zelara's Tomb, Erothin Farmer Village, Stonefield, Mahrnitz 73 Lettuce
Lily of the Valley Fold Valley, The Forest of Salathin, Erothin Farmer Village, The Northrealm 56 Tiger Lily Nectar
Macrolepiota In all Nehrim, dungeons 1689 Macrolepiota
Mana Bloom The Northrealm, Whisper Forest Coast, near Mist Tower, Forgotten Mine, Treomar, Nexus Tower 287 Lichor
Mandrake The Middlerealm 325 Mandrake Root
Milk Thistle The Northrealm 173 Milk Thistle Seed
Monkshood Fold Valley, The Forest of Salathin 657 Monkshood Root Pulp
Morning Glory On the buildings, main in The Middlerealm 145 Morning Glory Root Pulp
Motherwort The Middlerealm, The Northrealm 217 Motherwort Sprig
Nightmare Vine Stoneworld, Ostian Palace, Unknown Land 22 None
Nightshade Plant Fold Valley, near Mahrnitz 660 Nightshade
Peony Fold Valley, near Darlan, The Fog Tower Island 98 Peony Seed
Pitcher Plant
Potato Plant
Pumpkin Vine
Radish Plant
Red Polypores
Sacred Lotus
Somnalius Plant
Spiddal Stick
St. Jahn's Wort
Steel-Blue Entoloma Cap
Strawberry Bush
Tiger Lily
Tinder Polypore
Tobacco Plant
Tomato Plant
Viper's Bugloss
Vynwurz Plant
Water Hyacinth
Watermelon Vine
Wheat Sheaf