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Skills Description

Icon Skill Description Governing Attribute
Combat Skills
File:Bladeskillicon.jpg Blade Deliver the slashing and thrusting attacks of dagger and sword weapons more effectively. Strength
File:Bluntskillicon.jpg Blunt Deliver the crushing blows of mace and axe weapons more effectively. Strength
File:Handtohandskillicon.jpg Hand to Hand Attack without weapons to damage and fatigue your opponents. Strength
File:Blockskillicon.jpg Block Parry melee attacks with shields and blocking weapons. Successful blocks reduce damage. Endurance
File:Craftinhskillico.jpg Crafting Maintain weapons and armor at top efficiency. Worn weapons and armor are less effective. Endurance
File:Heavyarmorskillicon.jpg Heavy Armor Make more effective use of heavy armor. Endurance
File:Athletcisskillicon.jpg Athletics Run and swim faster, and regenerate lost fatigue faster. Agility
Stealth Skills
File:Acrobaticsskillicon.jpg Acrobatics Jump long distances and avoid damage when falling great distances. Endurance
File:Lightarmorskillicon.jpg Light Armor More effective use of light armor. Speed
File:Securityskillicon.jpg Security Use lockpicks to open locked doors and containers. Agility
File:Sneakskillicon.jpg Sneak Pickpocket and move both unseen and unheard by observers. Agility
File:Marskamnskillicon.jpg Marksman Deliver more deadly ranged attacks with bow and arrow weapons. Agility
File:Mercantileskillicon.jpg Mercantile Get better deals when buying or selling goods. Personality
File:Speechcraftskillicon.jpg Speechcraft Use speech to persuade listeners, what leads to to better information-gathering. Personality
Magic Skills
File:Alchemyskillicon.jpg Alchemy Create potions and gain benefits from alchemical ingredients more effectively. Intelligence
File:Illusionskillicon.jpg Illusion Cast spells to charm, conceal, create light, silence, paralyze, affect morale and aggressiveness. Intelligence
File:Mysticismskillicon.jpg Mysticism Cast spells that absorb, reflect and dispel magic, move objects, sense life and bind souls. Intelligence
File:Alterationskillicon.jpg Alteration Cast spells to breathe or walk on water, open locks, shield from physical and magical damage, and alter encumbrance. Willpower
File:Destructionskillicon.jpg Destruction Cast spells to inflict magical fire, frost and shock damage, or reduce resistances to magic attacks. Intelligence


Cast spells to restore, fortify, or absorb physical and magical attributes, cure diseases, and resist magical attacks. Willpower
File:Conjurationskillicon.jpg Conjuration description Intelligence

Skills Governed by Attribute

Attribute Skill Governed by the Attribute
Strength Blade Blunt Hand to Hand x x
Endurance Block Heavy Armor Crafting Acrobatics x
Speed Light Armor x x x x
Agility Athletics Marksman Security Sneak x
Personality Speechcraft Mercantile x x x
Intelligence Alchemy Illusion Mysticism Destruction Conjuration
Willpower Alteration Restoration x x x
Luck Governs no skill.


Skill Increases

For every two points you increase the total Skills with a given Attribute since your last level up, you get a one point increase in that Attribute, if you chose this Attribute when you level, up to a maximum of 5. Unlike Oblivion, increasing a Skill using training in Nehrim does NOT count toward this Attribute total. The total is cumlative accross the skills that have a given Attribute. So, if your Alchemy, Destruction, Illusion and Mysticism Skills had a total increase of 10 points between levels (not counting any training), you would be able to increase your Intelligence by 5.

Note: But the rule that “for every two points you increase the total skill with a given Attribute since your last level up, you get a one point increase in that Attribute” is not quite true, only average. In fact it works like this:


--> +1
1 to 4 --> +2
5 to 7 --> +3
8 to 9 --> +4
>= 10 --> +5

So it is effective to go for totals (of a certain attribute associated with various skills) of 1, 5, 8 or 10.


  • Unlike in Oblivion, there are no Conjuration spells until the release of Patch
  • Unlike in Oblivion, there is no Armorer skill. However, you can still repair your weapons and armor but then it is your Crafting skills that will rise. In Nehrim, Crafting skill includes not only repairing your gear, but also other Crafting activities, such as eg. cooking.
  • There are significant changes to Governing Attributes. Many of them are not like in vanilla Oblivion.
  • In German version there are no descriptions of Attributes and what skills they govern. In English version, the description of Attributes and skills they govern is the same as in Oblivion therefore outdated. The correct version is the one in Skill description.