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File:Line625.jpg Treasure hunting corresponding to grave digging, the choice is yours. You need a Shovel (T), a common find or buy at Merchants. For digging you need only to have the Shovel (T) in inventory (can't equip). The Shovel can break and you need a new one. The graves (Mounds) can be found in many places and also inside ruins.


The Middlerealm


Place Loot
Apple Horn Court, cliff behind the village
Erothin, isle near the Teleport Platform
Graveyard in Erothin, Harbor (8)
Erothin, left of the Art Gallery
Erothin, left of the Art Gallery
Erothin, behind Guild House Of Erothin Farmers
Fog Island, near Shipwreck (3)
Fog Island, S of Shipwreck (2)
Fog Island, place with small wooden bridge
Giliad (Burial Mound) loot like Coffin 1
Giliad (Burial Mound) loot like Coffin 1, Arcane Stone , 22 Gold
Giliad (Burial Mound) loot like Coffin 1, Rune Shock Shield (Rank I), Stone Brick, Bones, 3 Gold
Giliad, near Chapel Health Potion - Standard, Brass Ring, Bone
Giliad south, close to the waterfall Frenzy (Standard), Shield Scroll (Standard), Soul Trap (Improved), Rune Frost Arrow (Rank III), Dead Flesh, Teeth, Bones
Giliad south, E of the bridge between rocks Runed Iron Cuirass, Avenzin's Words Volume I, Magicka Potion - Standard, Hammer (T)
Tirin Abbey, ruins near the village
Sanctum outside
Baldur Heights Chapel, outside (3)
The Lonely Towers, First Tower (3)
near Stranded ship
near Mana Chapel Mensa

near Waterfall Halls

near Aman Fortress
Graveyard near Pirate's Cave (3)
near Fortress of Mandorn
Frostfingers Sanctuary, inside
E of Fetheran Cave
SE of Ruins of Astardoth, between rocks
behind Kurtus' Hideout
lake shore, W of Ledur
W of Butcher's Slaughterhouse
Waverock, Remote House Coal, Knife, Pearl, 3 Gold and bones

The Northrealm


Place Loot
Sinor's Warehouse, a bit south
on the road to Soul Flayer Temple, behind the Statue
NW of Butcher's Slaughterhouse, in Death Pass, near the bridge
Graveyard near The Northern Pass Grotto

The Southrealm


Place Loot
The Desert, center near some ruins
Near Fortress at the Collapsed South Pass Loot like Cofin 3
Near Dry Vault

Rune Frost Arrow (Rank IV), Shock Shield - Quality, Fortify Magicka Potion - Exclusive, Shield - Cheap, Lockpick, 2 Coal, Bones

The Realm of Treomar


Place Loot
Kobold Camp (Treomar) Scroll of Mana Absorption (Standard), The Spawn, Health Potion - Rancid, Reflection - Cheap, Rune Fire Shield (Rank I), Hammer (T)
Near Redon Family Crypt Topaz of Speed, Common Soul Gem, The Dark Forest Mystery , Bones
Near Catacombs of Lorthing Scroll of Mana Absorption (Standard), The Spawn, Health Potion - Rancid, Reflection - Cheap, Rune Fire Shield (Rank I), Hammer (T)
The Dark Forest, graveyard near the road

Other places


Place Loot
Inodan, near The Gods' Council Hall