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The top-level backtracking for the page's namespace is automatically added. So, pages in the Enderal: namespace will automatically have a top-level link to Enderal. Therefore, for pages without any deeper nesting levels, all you need to do is add {{Breadcrumb}} to the top of the page.

Each nesting level can have multiple elements, which indicates pages that are on the same level: For example, an alchemical plant is part of Items and Alchemy at the same time, and both of those are on the same level, but it is also part of "Plants", which is a sub-level of both Items and Alchemy. Therefore, pages in the breadcrumb are identified by a nesting level (Number) and a sub-level or ordering level (Letter): 1A indicates the first item of the first nesting level (right after the automatically added top-page link), 1B indicates the second item of the first nesting level, 2A indicates the first item of the second nesting level, and so on. For that alchemical ingredient cited beforehand, that would mean {{Breadcrumb|1A=[[Items]]|1B=[[Alchemy]]|2A=[[Plants]]}}.

The first item of each nesting level can be identified without the A, with just the nesting number, which helps in pages without multiple items on the same nesting level, and also allows you to use the template with Anonymous Parameters (See below). So, for the alchemical ingredient cited beforehand, it could also be represented as {{Breadcrumb|1=[[Items]]|1B=[[Alchemy]]|2=[[Plants]]}}, or even {{Breadcrumb|[[Items]]|1B=[[Alchemy]]|[[Plants]]}} (although these are not recommended, you should only use them when there is only one item in each nesting level.)

Note: Parameters are Case-Sensitive! Using 1a or 4c won't work. Use 1A and 4C.


One item in each level

To generate the following breadcrumb:

< Main Page < Quests < Main Quest < Act I

  • Using Anonymous Parameters: {{Breadcrumb|Quests|Main Quest|Act I}}
  • Using Level-Only Parameters: {{Breadcrumb|1=Quests|2=Main Quest|3=Act I}}
  • Using Explicit Parameters: {{Breadcrumb|1A=Quests|2A=Main Quest|3A=Act I}}

Multiple items in a level

To generate the following breadcrumb:

< Main Page < Items / Alchemy < Plants

  • Using Explicit Parameters: {{Breadcrumb|1A=Items|1B=Alchemy|2A=Plants}}
  • Using Level-Only Parameters where possible: {{Breadcrumb|1=Items|1B=Alchemy|2=Plants}} (NOT RECOMMENDED: Causes confusion)
  • Using Anonymous Parameters where possible: {{Breadcrumb|Items|1B=Alchemy|Plants}} (DO NOT USE: Usage is very unintuitive)