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Ralaf Crocco
Race - Gender Male
Path Pathless Job -
Essential No Form ID 0014F5A3
Location Undercity Tarpit
Ralaf Crocco.jpg
Level 20 Health 950
Magicka 70 Stamina 120
“We will rebuild it!”
The following page or section is still a stub and is incomplete.
Ralaf's Wanted Poster.

Ralaf Crocco is a long wanted criminal who has been known since 8230 a. St.. There are a lot of "wanted posters" of him in all of Enderal, which read:

Wanted at the behest of the Holy Order!
The brigand "Crocco" stands accused of a multitude of vile crimes, among them plundering, multiple murder, robbery and vile speach against Malphas, the Light-Born and the Holy Order.
Clues that result in his arrest will be generously recompensated by the City Guard.