Enderal:The Song of the Vatyrs

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The Song of the Vatyrs is one of the Bard Songs in Enderal. It tells the tale of Enderal:Vatyra, the Undercity resident who gave birth to the Vatyrs.


Beautiful and proud
The ruler of the Undercity
Vatyra was her name
She was feared and desired

Beggars, thieves, and murderers
were falling at her feet,
As mistress of the castaways
she was worshiped and revered.

Vintage wine and silken cloth,
Jewelry and Tongue of Gods,
any loot and contraband
were passing through her hand(s),

Bribe, deceit and robbery
no means too vile or foul for her,
The art of crime she mastered,
like no one ever had.

Beautiful and proud,
The ruler of the Undercity;
When the night closed in,
she stayed sleepless until dawn

Men, Aeterna, beasts
they visited her chamber,
Anyone who quaffed and knew no shame
could join her feasts.

Her heart was empty, cold, and sore,
yet she craved for more and more,
So little virtue left in her
and nothing left to lose.

No matter who attended her,
she raised her chalice in the air.
Anyone could fill it,
her thirst would never cease.

Beautiful and proud,
The ruler of the Undercity;
Her sinful womb bore fruit,
and horror grew along.

The healers had no remedy,
No one could prevent,
Confinement and delivery
before the moon has waned.

Two monsters grew beneath her heart,
Her body, it was torn apart,
The Goatheads stilled their hunger
with their mother's torn remains.

And anyone who was around
was killed and stomped into the ground;
And ever since the Vatyrs
are tainting our world.

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