Enderal:Wanted in Riverville!

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Wanted in Riverville!
Quest Giver: Riverville Notice Board
Location(s): Various
Rewards: Variable Pennies & 150 EP Per target + 170 EP on finish
Difficulty: [[File:EN-Quest-Ornament-DifficultyExpression error: Unrecognized word "various"..png|20px|link=

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  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Read the contracts at the noticeboard to receive bounty missions
  • Quest-Difficulty-1.png Kill Redrick Borecut
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive Redrick Borecut's bounty.
  • Quest-Difficulty-1.png Exterminate the leader of the trolls in the Shimmering Mine
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive the bounty for the extermination of the troll.
  • Quest-Difficulty-2.png Find and kill the murdered Paylas Nay'Yarim
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive the bounty for Paylas Nay'Yarim's death

Journal Entries

I heard of a dangerous but profitable way to earn some money. Ark's guard searched for bounty hunters who support them by capturing criminals - the bounty missions are posted on noticeboard [sic.] in Ark and Riverville.
Redrick - Initial
Redrick Borecut, who committed multiple cases of robbery and fraud, hid himself in a cave close to Riverville. I have to defeat him if I want the bounty.
Redrick - Death
Redrick Borenblow is dead. Now I can receive the bounty.
Redrick - After Reward
I received the described bounty. There are new missions available at the noticeboard.
Mugmug - Initial
A herd of trolls was sighted in the Shimmering Grove near Riverville. The herd is led by a white troll.
Mugmug - Death
The white troll in the Shimmering Grove is dead.
Mugmug - After Reward
New bounty missions are available at the noticeboard.
Pyalas - Initial
The Qyranian smuggler Pyalas Nay'Darim committed holdup murder in Ark's harbor. He is suspected to be near Riverville.
Pyalas - Death
Paylas Nay'Yarim is dead.

Redrick Borecut

Redrick Borecut. "The pathless one Redrick Borenstone is wanted for multiple frauds and aggravated robbery. He is sturdy, has blue eyes and a blonde beard. He is said to be extremely dangerous so proceed with caution. there are 180 Endralean pennies issued for his death."

Location: Ruined Cellar
Reward: 180 Pennies
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-1.png


Mugmug. "Caution! In the Shimmering Mine near Riverville a herd of trolls has been sighted. The herd is led by a white troll. A reward of 200 pennies will be paid to the path-abiding soul who verifiably tends to his death."

Location: Shimmering Grove
Reward: 200 Pennies
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-1.png

Pyalas Nay'Darim

Pyalas Nay'Darim. "Pyalas Nay'Darim, Qyranian origin, black braided beard and sturdy build, is wanted for robbery-cum-murder [sic.] in Ark's harbor. It is presumed to stay near the village Riverville. He is said to be extremely dangerous and most likely is heavily armed. There are 240 Endralean pennies issued for his death."

Location: Pirate Hideout
Reward: 240 Pennies
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-2.png


  • Redrick Borecut is called "Redrik Borenstone" by the Noticeboard info and "Redrick Borenblow" by the post-death journal entry.
  • Shimmering Grove is called "Shimmering Mine" by the Noticeboard info and the quest objective.
  • Pyalas Nay'Darim is called "Paylas Nay'Yarim" by the quest objectives and post-death journal entry.