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Amira Erbgoth
(Ref ID: 000A8613)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Shop Assistant Job Manufacturer
Essential No Form ID 000A8614
Location Ark's Marketplace, Erbgoth's Leather Goods
EN-NPC-Amira Erbgoth.png
Level 20 Health 208
Magicka 145 Stamina 82

Amira Erbgoth is a resident of and worker at Erbgoth's Leather Goods, where she helps the owner, Calicia Erbgoth. While her family relations are not clear, it can be deduced that she is a daughter or sister of Calicia.


Amira wakes up at 8 AM and goes to Ark's Bathhouse to relax until 11 AM, when she goes to work on Erbgoth's Leather Goods. At 8 PM she stops working and goes for a walk on Ark's Museum until midnight, when she goes to sleep in a bed at her shop.

Pickpocketed Items