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NPC: Amira Erbgoth in Ark, Erbgoth's Leather Goods NPC: Corpse in Vyn - Enderal (-11, -3) @ Z: 2954.119873 NPC: Misha Galabagadananka in Ark, Fitzai's Puzzle Box

  • Ark, The Dancing Nomad
  • Borek's House
  • Boreo's Book Blessing
  • Castle Golden Ford, Keep
  • Hideout
  • Old Aïsolôn, Cavern
  • Old Borderwatch
  • Pit Shelter
  • Sulfur Stillhouse
  • Sun Temple - Quarters
  • Sun Temple, Scuola
The Disciplines of Magic
by Baledor Dal'Goldenstein
The Elementalism

Elementalism is the most widespread of the magical disciplines and an art all of its own. Elementalists are able to manipulate the elements of fire, earth, water, and air.


In order to summon a fireball, the Elementalist makes an eventuality come true by substantially increasing the temperature of the air, which can then be hurled. Lightning, ice, and earth magics function similarly.

Since Elementalism does not siphon the spirit of the mage or other individuals and draws exclusively from the environment, its use is deemed relatively safe. Abuse can still lead to physical exhaustion, which might be more related to the carelessness of the mage than to the art itself. Elementalism spells all pack quite a punch, thus making this a very dangerous and offensive art.


Elementalism is a prestigious school (and discipline), which is favored by soldiers and battle mages. Even though its use in the civilized world is not objected to, some of the godless people have a divided opinion: On one hand it is the only kind of magic known to the wild Arazealeans, who almost deify the shamans proficient in this magic, but on the other hand Skaraggs deem the manipulation of earth to be unholy and sacrilegious.