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A Lady in Distress
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Bad Vibrations
Quest Giver: Tarhutie Leklerk
Location(s): Riverville, Clearwater Cave
Rewards: One of the following:
  • 3 Rhetoric, 4 Life Points, 30 Pennies, 500 EP
  • 2 Learning Points, 75 EP
  • 130 Pennies, 300 EP
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Easy


  • Find Tarhutie's beauty elixir in the Clearwater Cave
  • Tell Tarhutie about the discovery in the cave
  • Return Tarhutie's elixir to her
  • Return to Tarhutie with the potions


Elixir lying on the ground


Speak with Tarhutie

Tarhutie will request your aid in finding a beauty elixir that was supposedly stolen by an aura thief.

Clearwater Cave

Find the Elixir

Make your way to Clearwater Cave, it is north from Riverville. You will find the elixir in the middle of Clearwater Cave. Upon interacting with it, an Aura Thief will spawn and attack you with lightning and a sword of flames. Once defeated, you may then interact with the elixir again and be faced with two choices.

Aura Thief attacks

Drink or Return

If you decide to smash the elixir and drink it yourself, you will receive 3 Rhetoric and 4 Life Points. On returning to Tarhutie, you will claim that the the Aura Thief broke the bottle. Tarhutie will be shocked but will still give 30 Pennies and 500 EP for your efforts.

Note: The player can decide to drink the elixir even after it has been picked up.

If you decide to return the elixir, another set of choices will be presented:


Skull or Coins

Once you return the elixir to Tarhutie, you may accept the master skull or demand another reward.

If you accept the master skull, you will have to travel to the Ancient Circle of the Lost Ones, a standing stone located approximately between Riverville and Old Three River Watch. Once there, you must wait until night and interact with Strang Cairn, the center stone. The master skull will then be consumed and you will receive 2 learning points and 75 EP.

If you demand another reward, Tarhutie will give 130 Pennies and 250 EP.

Journal Entries

The traveling alchemist and psychic Tarhutie has a problem: Her beauty elixir was stolen. She thinks that the culprit was a so called "Aura Thief" and that the potion is located somewhere in the Clearwater Cave now. She asked for my help.
After finding the elixir
I found Tarhutie's potion in the Clearwater Cave. I should return it to her.
After finding the elixir, but using it for yourself
While I found Tarhutie's potion in the Clearwater Cave, I decided to use it myself. However I still should bring her the shards - at least her guess was right.
After giving the elixir to Tarhutie
Tarhutie was very pleased about my success and paid me accordingly.
After returning the bottle shards
Although Tarhutie was shaken when I told her that the bottle broke in the cave, she still gave me a small pouch with pennies for my efforts.