Enderal:Blood in the Sand

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Blood in the Sand
Quest Giver: Watchdog in Duneville
Location(s): Duneville
Rewards: 1500 EP
500 Pennies
The bodies

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to the Watchdog at the surface of Duneville
  2. Investigate the crime scene
  3. Interrogate Karymea
  4. Investigate the Old Lighthouse
  5. Find Darius Copperhammer
  6. Interrogate Darius Copperhammer
  7. Choose who to arrest

Detailed Walkthrough

The Watchdog guarding the door
The old lighthouse
The letter in the lighthouse

At the surface of Duneville, you'll find a couple arguing with a Watchdog who is guarding a door. Once the argument is over, talk to the Watchdog and convince him to tell you what is happening, either with 50 Rhetoric or with 100 pennies. He'll tell you that two bodies were found in the house he is guarding, Kraig and Sira Copperhammer. The local guards have already investigated the scene, but found nothing of note, and so he agrees to let you in to investigate the situation yourself.


Enter the house, and you'll find the two bodies in the main room, lying on top of a pool of blood. You'll need to find two clues in the house. The first clue is easy to find: A Certificate of Debt, next to the bed on the main room, which reveals that Kraig had 432 pennies in debt, and concludes with "We are serious". The second clue is hidden, and you'll need to pull three levers within 8 seconds each-other in order to reveal it. If you take more than 8 seconds to pull all levers, they will reset, and you can try again. The levers are:

  1. Between the entry door and the cooking pot on the Northwest corner of the main room
  2. Between two barrels on the side room to the east
  3. In the top-right shelf of south wall of the main room

Once you pull all levers in the correct time frame, a panel will open at the middle shelf of the western wall of the main room, revealing a letter. The letter seems to call for a meeting at an "old lighthouse".

Return to the Watchdog and tell him about the clues you found. He says that the Duneville guard is stretched thin at the moment, and asks you to investigate the case for them, in return for a reward. He mentions that the handwriting in the certificate of debt seems to be from Karymea, a local merchant.


Karymea can be found in Duneville, selling her wares. Talk to her and inquire about Kraig. She confirms that he owed her money, and even says she was planning to send grunts to beat him up, since he hadn't paid in two years, but denies any involvement in the murder. You can try to have her arrested while you investigate the situation, but she denies. With no further proof, there's nothing else you can do about her.

The Old Lighthouse

Travel to the Old Lighthouse near the shore and enter it. You'll find that the inside is infested with spiders, likely due to the adjoining cave connected to it. Go to the connected cave and take the letter on top of the table there, which reveals that Darius Copperhammer, Kraig's brother, hired someone to investigate his father's inheritance. It seems that Kraig received all of the money and was supposed to split it with Darius, but he never did so. Your next lead, then, is Kraig's brother, Darius.

Darius Copperhammer

If you want to get an objective marker with the exact location of Darius, talk to Petrik Windwailer in Duneville. He is sitting on top of a pile of hay, in an area next to the southeastern entrance to Duneville. You'll find Darius in Duneville's Supply Ship, fixing a wall on the ship's deck.

Confront Darius with the letter you found, and he will ask you tell his brother that he is sorry for what happened at the Lighthouse. If you confront him head-on, telling him to "drop the act", he gets angry and starts a brawl with you. Either way, he seems surprised to learn that his brother died and that he is the main suspect, then tells you what happened: Someone saw Kraig buying expensive jewelry for his wife in Ark, and told Darius about it. Darius hired an investigator that confirmed his suspicions — Kraig had taken the 2000 pennies that his father left for himself. When Darius confronted Kraig in the lighthouse about this, Kraig claimed to have found the money for the jewelry in front of his door, denying that their father left any inheritance. With tensions growing, both of them started a brawl, then decided to head home and meet again when everything cooled off.

After the explanation, tell Darius that he'll need to stay in the Duneville prison until the matter is resolved. He denies killing his brother, but agrees to go to the prison to cooperate in the investigation. You will then be teleported to Duneville, right in front of its prison.


Go to the Duneville prison and you'll be greeted by the watchdog that gave the case to you, who will present you two additional pieces of evidence. Darius' dagger, covered in blood, was found hidden under a rock in the graveyard. Darius doesn't deny that the dagger is his, but says that it was planted there to frame him. Additionally, one of Karymea's debtors, a 60-year-old fisherman, was found dead, presumably murdered, two years ago. However, the Duneville guard overseer wants this case solved now, giving you no additional time to follow on any of these two leads.

You can choose to arrest Darius, arrest Karymea, or to leave it up to the guard (he ends up arresting Darius). Either way, the guard thanks you for your help and gives you 500 pennies, ending the quest.