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Hidden in the Puzzle
Quest Giver: Note in Mynia's House
Location(s): Mynia's House
Old Soltyris
Rewards: Magical Symbol (128 EP)
(Set of the Fallen) Mask of the Fallen
Spell Tome: Wall of Frost
Common Soul Gem (Filled)
Health Potion (Standard)
Morning Air Potion (Standard)
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Very Easy
Island with the heirloom

Journal Entries

After starting the quest
In Duneville I found a letter from somebody who is planning an expedition - reason being a heirloom which he suspects to be located in a Pyrean ruin called Old Soltyris. Apparently one has to solve several puzzles to get to the heirloom.
After finishing the quest
In Duneville I found a letter from somebody who is planning an expedition - reason being a heirloom which he suspects to be located in a Pyrean ruin called Old Soltyris. Apparently one has to solve several puzzles to get to the heirloom. I managed to overcome the obstacles in Old Soltyris and got the heirloom.


  • Proceed to Old Soltyris
  • Solve the puzzles in Old Soltyris

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest start

Go to Duneville and visit Mynia's House (next to the exit, below the laboratory of Maxus Tabaccus). At the end of the room you will find a table with a key and a letter. Take the key and read Mynias letter to start the quest.
The letter:
Thank you for your last letter. Believe me, I know the risks - but still, I have to try. Look at what has become of our family: We are a shadow of what we once were - and the heirloom is the only thing that is left from that time. I will not let it end up in the mouth of a Bone Ripper or in the hands of a grave robber. Never has anyone in my family dared this step. But now I am the last of our kind, and I am without children.
You can rest assured that I have security measures in place - three mercenaries, all of them armed to the teeth. According to the keeper from Ark the heirloom is guarded in the ruin of a temple of the Dylgar named "Old Soltyris". It is located in the northeastern Powder Desert, near the Powder Mines. They say you have to solve three tasks to get in the last chamber. The Order is planning an excavation there soon (supposedly they are dealing with this mental illness - I'm not sure how it can be of help to search Pyrean ruins?), but the doors are still sealed. That's why it is important that I go there immediately. I'll call you as soon as there is news. I'll leave a second key, in case you want to meet me there.

Old Soltyris

Proceed to Old Soltyris and use the key to enter it. In the middle of the small room you will find another key and a magical note in front of you. Read the note to receive the riddles that must be solved. Then take the key and follow the stairs downwards. Interact with the stone head at the end of the stairs to proceed to the first riddle.
The letter:
Those who want the treasure must be smart. Mark my words: You can't return once you've started. Solve three tricky riddles in the chambers of this complex, and the treasure will be yours.

First riddle:

"Eastward incessantly"

Second riddle:

"Touch the one who watches the sky"

Third riddle:

"Those who proceed without hesitation will find the light"

First riddle

Eastward incessantly
You will find yourself in a room with several doors. The goal is to open the correct door and proceed to the next room. In order to find the correct door, stand in the middle of the room and use your compass to find the 'east' door. Entering the door will teleport you to the next room where you have to repeat the process two more times. Entering the third door moves you forward to the second riddle.
The three rooms can be distinguished by looking at center of the room. You will find:

  1. a latern
  2. a green crystal inside a cage
  3. a violet crystal surrounded by plant leaves

Using a wrong door may move you to the previous room (sometimes it still moves you to the next room, except for the final door).
Note: The final door in the last room moves you to a different area, thus it's tooltip is different from the others.

Second riddle

Touch the one who watches the sky
This time you will be in a open hallway. At the end is a locked door that you can't open yet. On your way to the door, you will see several stone heads on the left and right wall. One of the stone heads is looking at the sky. Interacting with it will move you into a cage in a secret room. There you will find the key for the locked door (inside the vase). Take the key and don't forget to loot the two chests behind you (outside of the cage). Interact with the stone head on the floor to move back to the previous room. Use the key to open the door at the end of the hallway to move on to the last riddle.
Note: You can't interact with any of the other stone heads so there is no "wrong door".

Third riddle

Those who proceed without hesitation will find the light
This room is pretty straight forward. You start on a ledge and a spear is pointing forward into the void. Simply start running forward without looking around (or you may not be aligned with the spear anymore and risk falling into the void). After some time in the dark, a small illuminated island will appear. Run to it and take the loot from the table. Interact with the magical symbol to complete the quest. The stone head at the end of the table will teleport you back outside in front of Old Soltyris.
Note: Falling does not kill you (unless you manage to take fall damage by hitting a ledge from the wall). Instead, you will be teleported back to the starting point of the room.


  • Mynias letter mentions security measures in form of three mercenaries. Near the entry to Old Soltyris there are three bandits which could be the mentioned mercenaries.
  • Reaching Old Soltyris is the only dangerous part in this quest.