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Introduction to Phasmalism
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Quick Walkthrough

  1. Acquire a Phasmalism memory
  2. Collect a soul
  3. Craft a soul talisman
  4. Spectralize an item

Detailed Walkthrough

This quest will begin automatically after you spend a Memory Point on the Phasmalist tree.

You will first need to collect a soul. The objective marker here will point to the first soul available, visible right after beginning the game, but collecting any soul will advance the quest as normal. Once you have found a soul, approach it and use the Net of Souls talent. The soul will appear as a magical floating swirl of energy, at which point it can be collected as a normal item. For a list of souls and their locations, see the page on Souls.

Then, you'll need to craft a talisman from one of your souls. Again, the objective marker will point to the first Phasmalism bench available, in Yero's House, but you can use any bench. Once you've found a suitable bench, interact with it and select "Create Talisman". The talisman is crafted with a normal recipe, just like any other craftable item. Once you've gathered the soul and the materials, head to a Phasmalism bench and craft a talisman.

The final step is to equip your apparition with items, a process called "spectralizing". First, equip the talisman that you just crafted, then, on a Phasmalism bench, select "Equipment", then "Equip item (Spectralize)". A container screen will open, and you will be able to give items to the apparition you have currently equipped. Be wary, however, as every item you add increases the final cost of Bone Meal, Ectoplasm, and/or Filled Soul Gems.

Once you have spectralized an item, this quest is completed. For more information on the mechanics of Phasmalism, check the Phasmalism page.