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Kera Gaboff
(Ref ID: 000A1E1F)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Erudite Job None
Essential No Form ID 000A1A27
Location Ark's Nobles Quarter, Gaboff's Premium Wares
EN-NPC-Kera Gaboff.jpg
Level 1 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50

Kera Gaboff is a citizen living in Gaboff's Premium Wares at Ark's Nobles Quarter with her husband, Gabor Gaboff.


Kera wakes up at 8 AM and walks around her house until 2 PM, when she goes relax in Ark's Bathhouse. At 6 PM, she leaves the bathhouse to take a stroll through the Nobles Quarter until 8 PM, when she returns home to go to sleep.

Pickpocketed Items