Enderal:Letter of the Kor

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Brother Sullyres, 13. Star Summer Night, 8231 a. St.

I can hardly believe my luck! It has been four days now since Dryella had her vision of the island. Just a few days before that the hypocrites of the order banned us from the city: our faith would be heresy and sacrilege in the face of the lord. Thanks to Kor's love Dryella, being ashamed, told us about her dream. Isn't it strange? She felt ashamed, even though it was obvious: Kor spoke through her — to guide us the way to our new home.

The same day we already departed to find our sanctuary. As expected, the people of Duneville ridiculed us, such an island would be nonexistent. Needless to say, they were wrong — just when a fisherman brought us (against pay, who in the world would do something like that for free?) a few miles from shore, we could see the silhouette of our new home. There she was, lying in the sunset, sand as white as snow, palm trees gently waving in the wind. Insula Koris, Kor's island. I will never forget their startled faces.

The island welcomed us with fresh wood, nourishment and perfect weather. Within two days first dwellings had been erected and we began construction of the town hall. Also the magical barrier, which is supposed to protect us from dark forces (and bone crackers), functions as planned; seems like the arcanist was worth its money.

Thirteen brothers and sisters are we today — and thirteen we will be when we put ourselves down to the grave and our soul will transition into Kor's infinite love.