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The Light-Born, as seen in Enderal's introduction video.

The Light-Born were seven arcanists who acquired immortality through their magic. They used their great powers to rule over all mankind, solving disputes and uniting all lands. Eventually, their human origin was forgotten, leading to their adoration as gods, which ultimately led to the creation of a religion commanded by the Holy Order, with its headquarters in Enderal.

To maintain peace in their lands, the Light-Born ruled with an iron hand, a position that was seen as tyrannic to some. This sentiment grew until it burst into a rebellion, lead by Narathzul Arantheal, that managed to overthrow and kill the once-immortal Light-Born. Without the Light-Born, however, old disputes that had been repressed erupted again, and Vyn was thrown into disarray. The Order actively denies the death of the Light-Born, an attitude that has managed to avoid the chaos in its home country, Enderal, but is seen as desperate and a sign of decay in the rest of Vyn.


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  • In Nehrim, the whole main storyline revolved around the Light-Born: The Light-Born
  • For more detailed information about the Light-Born, there are two books available to read: The Gods, The Path, Tome 3