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Lockpicking in Enderal works like in Skyrim - locked containers and doors can be opened by completing a minigame with a Lockpick.


Lockpicking minigame

In order to pick a lock, you need:

  • at least one Lockpick in your inventory and
  • either:

Note: Contrary to the ingame messages, investing memory points is NOT required for adept+ locks. It is just an alternative to a high level in Lockpicking. Source

Lock level Required lockpicking Trickster Memory
Novice - -
Apprentice - -
Adept 25 Thief Apprentice
Expert 50 Expert Locksmith
Master 75 Master Thief
Requires Key Can't be opened by Lockpicking Can't be opened by Lockpicking


The minigame to open a lock is like in Skyrim. The player will be presented with a lock and an inserted lockpick. The goal is to move the lockpick to the correct position/area and then fully open (turn) the lock.
If the player tries to open (turn) the lock while the lockpick is not in the right place, then the lock will start to shake and the lockpick will take damage. The further the lock turns before starting to shake, the closer the lockpick is to the correct position.
The lockpick will break after taking too much damage. If the player has another lockpick in it's inventory, then a new lockpick will be placed at the starting (center) position. The minigame will abort/fail after the players last lockpick is broken.
The size of the target area and the damage to the lockpick depend on the rank of the lock and the players Lockpicking level (Trickster Memories can also influence this).
Successfully opening a lock will reward a tiny amount of xp.

Scroll of Ondusi's Key

An alternative way to open locked containers (that neither requires memory points nor crafting points) is the usage of a Scroll of Ondusi's Key.
The scroll comes in 4 versions: Apprentice, Adept, Expert and Master. Casting the scroll on a locked container/door with the matching lock level will completely remove the lock.
Removing a lock with a scroll does not award the player with xp. While the scroll is the fastest way to open a lock, it is also expensive as each scroll is a single use item.

Additional effects

Forgotten Stories: Lockpicking also increases the amount of coins/money that you can find in containers.