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Myrthe Eagleeye
(Ref ID: 000B5506)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Manufacturer Job Merchant
Essential No Form ID 000B5505
Location Ark's Marketplace, Golden Sickle Trading Post
EN-NPC-Myrthe Eagleeye.png
Level 28 Health 275
Magicka 50 Stamina 230

Myrthe Eagleeye is a Golden Sickle merchant living in the Golden Sickle Trading Post at Ark's Marketplace. She sells wares related to archery and light armor.


Myrthe wakes up every day at 8 AM and goes to work in her stall at Ark's Marketplace. At 8 PM she stops working and heads to Ark's South Quarter's open-air tavern to relax until midnight, when she goes to sleep on the Golden Sickle Trading Post.

Pickpocketed Items

  • Merchant Guild's Key
  • Oak Bow
  • 60x Steel Arrow


Vendor Money: 1040 Pennies


  • Hunting Longbow
  • Oak Bow of the Frost Breath
  • 100x Rune Arrow
  • 150x Iron Arrow
  • 150x Sharp Steel Arrow


  • Leather Arm Protectors
  • Leather Cuirass
  • Leather Helmet
  • Leather Shield
  • Leather Shoes
  • Defence Robe
  • Raddled Robe
  • Reinforced Leather Shield
  • Firm Leather Arm Protector
  • Firm Leather Cuirass
  • Firm Leather Helmet
  • Firm Leather Shoes
  • Fine Leather Gauntlets


  • Copper Necklace of the Hunter Apprentice
  • Bronze Necklace of Constitution
  • Copper Necklace of the Highwayman
  • Shadowy Copper Necklace


  • Cure Disease Potion
  • 5x Poison of Woe (Standard)
  • 5x Poison of Woe (Rancid)

Skill Books

  • 31x Apprentice Book Light Armor
  • 30x Adept Book Light Armor
  • 35x Expert Book Light Armor
  • 33x Master Book Light Armor
  • 35x Apprentice Book Archery
  • 36x Adept Book Archery
  • 35x Expert Book Archery
  • 31x Master Book Archery
  • 32x Apprentice Book Lockpicking
  • 36x Adept Book Lockpicking
  • 36x Expert Book Lockpicking
  • 36x Master Book Lockpicking
  • 33x Adept Book Handicraft
  • 32x Apprentice Book Handicraft
  • 32x Expert Book Handicraft
  • 32x Master Book Handicraft
  • 33x Apprentice Book Alchemy
  • 35x Adept Book Alchemy
  • 34x Expert Book Alchemy
  • 35x Master Book Alchemy
  • 35x Apprentice Book One-handed
  • 35x Adept Book One-handed
  • 35x Expert Book One-handed
  • 33x Master Book One-handed
  • 35x Apprentice Book Sneak
  • 35x Adept Book Sneak
  • 35x Expert Book Sneak
  • 35x Master Book Sneak


  • 12x Wood
  • 0 - 20x Spare Parts

Leveled Items

  • Up to 2 leveled spell tomes
  • Up to 9 leveled knight weapons and armor
  • Up to 42 leveled blueprints
  • Up to 24 leveled potions
  • Up to 50 leveled arrows